A Cure for Indecision (Chai Craft Assorted Tea Bags), 26 Tea Bags

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Product image 5Chamomile Tea

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About the Tea

Can’t decide which tea to try? Why not try them all and then decide which one suits you best? Our Tea Medley Box has all our Green, Wellness, Herbal and Black Teas in one pack.

Teas in the Pack

Chamomile , Peppermint , Green Tea Lemon & Honey , Jasmine Green Tea, Green Tea, Spearmint Green Tea, Ginseng Spiced Green Tea ,  Green Tea, English Breakfast , Earl Grey Tea, Masala Chai , Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea and Assam Tea.

Best Time 

Wellness Teas - 30 minutes after lunch and at least 30 minutes before bed time; Green Teas - 30 minutes after breakfast and lunch. Avoid having this tea after dinner; Herbal Teas - Best had 30 minutes after meals; Black Teas - Along with breakfast or 30 minutes after lunch also an ideal afternoon pick me up tea.

Premium Packed Tea 

All our teas White, Green, Oolong, Black and Herbal Infusions are of the best quality available. Our Staple Free Double Chamber Tea Bags are packed in seep-proof foil coated envelopes which ensure freshness, goodness and flavor in every steep.

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