Boxful of Rejuvenation, An Assortment of 30 Wellness Tea Bags in a Pine and Jute Gift Box

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About the Box

A collection of handpicked teas that will send a surge of refreshing energy through your body, mind and soul and re-vitalize you! The eclectic pine box with a smart jute inlay makes this an enticing gift!

Wellness Benefits

Potent sources of phytonutrients and antioxidants, enhances complexion, natural stress relievers, aids in fat loss and weight management, improves digestion, promotes relaxation, stimulates restful sleep, energizes and refreshes, improves immunity and physical performance and much more. 

Customization Possibilities

Customize this box and make your corporate gifting occasion much more meaningful. Place your own logo, personalize the sleeve or insert your own message.

Inside the Box

Ginseng Green Tea 5 Tea Bags, Herbal Slim Green Tea 5 Tea Bags, Spearmint Green Tea 5 Tea Bags, Green Tea 5 Tea Bags, Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea 5 Tea Bags, Honey Lemon Green Tea 5 Tea Bags.

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